Full lips/Ombre

1st procedure: $650
2nd procedure/correction within 2 months: $100

Lips making that dream a reality.  The delicate nature of this technique makes tinted lips appropriate for almost all skin tones and types. Tinted lips also helps enhance your natural shape giving your lips a contour without seeing a defining line and helps achieve an evenness in shape. Tinted lips does not impact your ability to wear lipstick and can fully be covered by any color lipstick when you want. That is the beauty of this technique. It is so soft and natural that no one will ever know! It is best to moisturize your lips well in the days before your procedure. Post procedure, lips must be coated with a moisturizing agent throughout the day and before bedtime. The procedure requires approximately 1.5 – 2h. A touch up is required 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure. After that touch ups are determined on an individual basis.

Please note:  For the first few days, lips may be sensitive to touch, slightly swollen, appear uneven, and the color may be brighter than desired. This is very common for all permanent cosmetic lip procedures.

Cold sore is a temporary side effect that could happen to anyone at any time after the procedure. This is not a sign of incorrect treatment or lack of safety. It is a reaction of the skin to the procedure.